field art direction

Our Field Art Direction originated at Walt Disney Imagineering where we learned the special tricks of the trade that made Disney Theme Parks great. We do high-quality Rockwork and Character Facade that looks and feels real to all your senses. Our project managers handle all deadlines and come in one time in on budget. Please check our website for pictures of our creations and email or call us if you would like to work with our team of skilled professionals.



We offer art direction on the field for rockwork. This includes rockwork design that takes into account all elements on-site such as electrical, water, sound, fire, etc. We also specialize in faux painting for rockwork to give it an aged appearance. Atomic Ant Creations rockwork artisans have mastered a wide variety of mediums and techniques that can add depth and interest to your project. We can also replicate a variety of rock formations, ranging from columnar basalt and granite monoliths to undersea outcroppings and the bedrock of the grand canyon. Our artisans have re-created every category of rock-sedimentary, ingenious and metamorphic.​

Rockwork Projects

Tarzan’s Tree House (Disneyland) 1998
Peter Pan Pool (Disneyland Hotel) 1998
Grizzly Run (DCA) 1999
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (DCA) 1999
It’s Tough to be a Bug (DCA) 1999
Paradise Pier (DCA) 1999
Maid Daly Planers Entrance (DCA) 1999-2000
Ursula’s Room (DCA) 2000
Fun Boat Playground (DCA) 2000
Sea Cape Cod (Tokyo Disney) 2000
Journey to the Center of the Earth (Tokyo Disney) 2000
Tower of Terror (Paris Disneyland) 2001
The Little Mermaid-Ariel Undersea (DCA) 2010
Aulani Resort Hawaii (2010-2011)
Wrath of Gods (Imagine Theme Park) 2012-2013

Pirates of the Caribbean
Indiana Jones
Jungle Cruise
Haunted Mansion
Splash Mountain
Tom Sawyer’s Island
Pooh’s Corner
Big Thunder Mountain
Matterhorn Bobsleds
Tower of Terror

Tarzan’s Treehouse
Jungle River Cruise
River View Cafe

Atomic Ant Creations can craft unforgettable rockwork that will enhance and enrich your themed and sculptural environments. Our skilled artisans can create a variety of rock geology desire mountains, caverns, and arches, artificial trees, synthetic vines, and realistic logs, roots and mud banks. Many of our work (as WDI art director) can be see at Disneyland Matterhorn where Alberto has a cave named after him called "Alberto's Grotto". Our work is also displayed in Disneyland with the famous show 'Tarzan's treehouse' displaying rockwork trees and vines and made from concrete and synthetic vines and leaves. Next, our work in Tokyo Disney Seas has rocks, bridges, and walls all over the park. Hong Kong Disneyland's first gate where interiors in Ariel Little Mermaid show include beautifully made sea creatures and landscapes.

Character Facade

We also offer art direction on the field for character facades. Our rockwork color and stains take our Character Facades to the next level of reality. We are also happy to make sample rockwork for your project-contact us today to discuss your project needs!