Custom PROPS ,models, and sculptures

For over 25 years, Atomic Ant Creations includes a team of skilled artisans, craftspeople and designers. We have created custom props and displays for hundreds of occasions and customers. This includes projects for some of the top names in the entertainment industry. Our services have reached across Los Angeles, Southern California, and the entire world. In addition, we also include sculpting, mold making, and casting services, as well as vacuum forming, metalworking and machining, electronics, and scenic work.

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custom props, displays, and special effects

Atomic Ant Creations will not just bring your project to life. In fact, it is almost certain to achieve the intended emotional impact. After working as an Imagineer for Walt Disney Imagineering, we understand the emotional impact of visual storytelling. For this reason, our models, props, and designs bring emotion and feeling. All of which are important for your selling point. Need a small design maquette or a fifteen-foot tall statue? The Atomic Ant Creations sculpting team can turn a 2D concept into 3D reality. From oversized custom, props to design prototypes. We build your projects using state-of-the-art technology like 3D printing and laser cutting. Just call our office to talk about your plans. Above all, Atomic Ant Creations is there to bring your wildest sculptures and structures to life.

we build it smaller

At our workshop in Burbank our talented team constructs everything. This includes all projects, both tiny and massive. This includes projects for renowned film production companies, advertising agencies and other players from around the world. Through our hard work and dedication, all these have become our loyal customers. Our miniature construction service includes the creation of any object you can think about. For example, this includes architectural models, Landscapes, Cities, Castles, Vehicles, and many other things! From little boats to skyscrapers, we have the right technology for you. Moreover, we have the experience to create any miniature world for your project that you can imagine. So get in touch with our specialists in Los Angeles. We would be happy to talk about your ideas and the construction process.

model props sculptures atomic ant burbank los angeles