Architectural Design

At Atomic Ant Creations, we offer a wide range of CAD design services. These include (but are not limited to): Mechanical CAD Design, Patent Drafting, Architectural services, Prototype Drawings for 3D Printing, and File Conversion

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Computer Aided Architectural Design

Computer aided design (CAD) is the name given to a cluster of computer-based technology. Above all, this allows for the creation, inspection, and optimization of engineered drawings in a variety of CAD services applications. 3D CAD design and drafting services have come a very long way since the late 1990s and early 2000s. That is to say, 3D design software has progressed to a place where it is extremely efficient. Therefore, projects that would otherwise have taken days or even weeks to complete can now be performed in a fraction of the time. However, this not only includes the creation. It also includes the creating and exporting of drawings both quickly and accurately.

ADU Packages Available

All our packages include all information in 1/4 scale drawing for Building Department ready legal permit.

Existing Floor Plan

As-built drawing of the area needed for the city documentation

schematic Floor Plan

Layout of kitchen, bathroom and furniture layout

new construction Floor Plan

Dimensions and Notes

reflected ceiling plan

Lighting and Electrical Callouts and Legend

sections and elevations

Drawings will be Building Department ready for pulling a permit and handing to a contractor